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  measurement steps before ordering custom-made scrub, lab coat ORDER CUSTOM-MADE SCRUB, LAB COAT We must stress that the accuracy of your measurements is important.  Your measurements are taken  without clothes on.  If you intend to wear a bra inside your intended item, please measure with your  bra on. Height; your actual body height with your footwear (the footwear which you will  w ear under this  apparel) Bust; in a standing position and breathing naturally, the girth around  the  biggest part of the bust. Waist; in a standing position, the girth around the narrowest part of the waist. Hip; in a standing position, the girth around the largest part of the hips. Upper Breast; the girth around two armpits, it will be 10cm above your breast. Lower Breast; the girth around under your breast. BP distance; measure the distance between the 2 points of your breast . Breast Height; in standing position, distance from shoulder to breast point. Front Length; the distance between sh
  BALANCE WORK-LIFE   1.     Make a conscious, realistic declaration of where your priorities lie.   2.     Set clear boundaries between the times you spent at work and the time you devote to your home life. Then stick to these boundaries.   3.     Simplify your life and avoid the trap of taking on too many tasks and responsibilities.   4.     Schedule some time for yourself and for the things that you enjoy (hobbies, new learning opportunities, time with family and friends). Personal commitments are just as important as professional ones.   5.     Understand the difference between things in your personal or work life that you can control, and those you can’t. Then let go of what you can’t control without guilt for doing so.   6.     Replenish your energy at work. Stand up, stretch, take a short walk or focus on deep breathing.   7.     Take one day at a time and avoid the needless pressure of continually thinking about what you have to do this week, mon
Healthcare Fashion, Instruments, and Data are all in one  location   ShaGha Fashioncare     - Latest trends in the Scrubs, Lab Coats healthcare fashion industry. - Innovative, safe, and comfortable PPE .  - All items compliant with Health Canada Standards.  
the additional gear for healthcare professionals HOW TO PICK AND USE A  PATIENT GOWN ? The way you choose and use these patient/surgeon gown is extremely important to the safety and professional performance in healthcare environments. The patient gowns are required at any times you have close contact with patients, materials, or equipment that may lead to the contamination of skin, uniforms, or other clothing to infectious agents, bodily liquid, or substances. As a rule, the gowns are used upon entering the room of patients or operation theatres.   The gowns are designed to be fluid resistant and used in low-risk cases where they may be the possibility of clothing being exposed to blood or body substance. The full-body gown or the gowns with different lengths of sleeves depending on the procedure being undertaken. Pre-packed, sterile gowns are required for aseptic cases. Three main factors to consider in picking the best gown for your needs: the volume of body substances or liquid like